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AkzoNobel Felling Campus HVAC Upgrade

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AkzoNobel, a leading global player in paints and coatings, was expanding its Felling campus with a brand-new application and testing laboratory. This cutting-edge facility would necessitate precise control over temperature, pressure, and chemical environments to test products under extreme conditions. AkzoNobel, with its commitment to quality, sought the services of Commercial Maintenance Services (CMS) based on its proven track record of delivering high-standard work.


The project encompassed the upgrade of HVAC systems across three buildings on the Felling campus. Building 138, a live working office, required minimal disruption. Here, CMS strategically planned after-hours work to ensure smooth operations continued. Building 103/41, currently vacant, allowed for a more flexible daytime schedule. Building 15 underwent a small-scale office redesign, and CMS relocated existing AC units while installing new ones to accommodate the revamped layout.

A critical aspect of the project involved the installation of specialised cooling units. Server rooms, lab environments crucial for maintaining optimal paint testing conditions, and peroxide stores requiring strict temperature control to prevent potential disasters all received dedicated cooling systems. Phase 1 of the project saw the installation of 9 such units, with an expansion scheduled for summer 2024 in Phase 2.

Integration with existing Building Management Systems (BMS) was another key element. A brand new BMS system was designed and installed in Building 138 to integrate seamlessly with the existing one. For Buildings 103/41, the new HVAC systems were connected to the existing BMS, ensuring centralised control. Building 103/41 also received a comprehensive decoration refresh, including painting, a new ceiling grid system, and fresh ceiling tiles.

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CMS went the extra mile to minimise disruption in Building 138 by opting for after-hours work. Furthermore, they offered a cost-effective solution with a 4% discount for the entire project package. Safety remained a top priority, with CMS assuming the role of the main contractor and health and safety team on-site. Finally, the project was designed with scalability in mind. Phase 2, planned for Q1 2025, will see further HVAC upgrades in a separate building on the Felling campus.

The successful completion of the AkzoNobel Felling Campus HVAC upgrade exemplifies CMS's expertise in handling complex commercial maintenance projects. Their commitment to quality, safety, and efficiency ensures they meet the most stringent client requirements. The upgraded HVAC systems and critical cooling units create optimal environmental conditions for AkzoNobel's new lab, allowing them to develop innovative products in demanding environments.

CMS delivered a seamless HVAC upgrade across our Felling campus, ensuring minimal disruption and exceeding our expectations for quality and safety. Their expertise was instrumental in creating the perfect environment for our new application and testing laboratory.

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